Sustainable Planet Solutions

SPS is founded to help small communities and businesses

We thrive on building relationships

SPS is determined to create long-lasting working relationships based on equality and respect for each other’s knowledge and expertise. Seeking solutions with smooth cooperation as equal partners.

This is our commitment!

We believe in the power of co-creation and are full of innovative ideas to continue the future of this job.                                An approach that results in improved efficiency and cost savings.

Unmatched experience

Our knowledge of and experience with solid waste management and in general biobased technology is unmatched.

Young and innovative

Building solutions for a sustainable future means having a relentless commitment to innovation!

Founded to help

SPS is founded to help small communities and businesses to achieve their waste diversion and recycling objectives.

Interactive consultants that speak your language

We often hear from our clients that they appreciate the fact that we speak their language. And that we understand the problems they face in everyday situations. This is, of course, no coincidence as the consultants from Sustainable Planet Solutions come from the same industry. They know the business inside out and monitor developments in the industry closely. Proactive thinkers who come up with the best and most practical solutions in consultation with you. Solutions that fit your budget and your organization. Would you like to learn more about our experience?

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