Sustainable Planet Solutions

Unmatched experience in a young and innovative company

Sustainable Planet Solutions strongly believes in co-creation

Sustainable Planet Solutions embraces cocreation as the motor for value creation and strongly believe in the power of open innovation.

We believe value creation is all about people, how we as a company work together, and how we work with our Strategic Partners and Customers.

Montalbano Recycling is an Italian company specialised in the design and construction of eco-recycling technologies. Engineering, Innovation and Design are the pillars of the company. The analysis of the processing methods and the study of new sustainable solutions have distinguished the Company in terms of innovation, technology and sensitivity to ecology. 

The installations are modern, practical, refined in details and above all safe according to the current legislation and laws.

For more than 65 years Genap has specialised in geosynthetic applications in the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil projects.Solutions for the safe storage of drinking water and improved sanitation in third-world countries have recently been added to this.

We produce customised geosynthetic solutions at our factory in the Netherlands, where we also have our own laboratory and design office. We can guarantee the highest level of quality, thus representing added value for our clients.

Adverio Waste Systems BV (AWS) is a company that offers global solutions for the (re) use and use of waste for recycling of raw materials and renewable energy generation.

AWS focusses on the integration of waste and energy projects at home and abroad. These projects are based on the “waste separation model” where from the raw material, household waste (MSW), several end  or half products are made and where different technologies are used.