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Product information CCU – Compact Composting Unit

The SPS-CCU is a community composter line that is among  industrial  and  domestic  plants.  They  are plants used to hasten natural composting process which organic waste is subordinated. These plants are usable to serve from few tens to hundreds of domestic users; they can meet the disposal needs of a canteen, hotels or other organic waste producers  needs.  The  manufacturing  process  of  our plants  allows  to  obtain  compost  which  can  be immediately used without any addition of additive and without waiting more days from the time the product  is  discharged.  The  composter  has  three maturation tanks in which the wet waste undergoes a progressive process. The entry is through an automated tilting tank issuing falling the waste on the shredder which reduces the volume and size. The organic waste stays in each tank for 30 days.

The process is run by a touch screen which allows to view and check the temperature, humidity, pH and Co2 inside the tanks. Above the first tank is placed  a  hopper  which  releases  structuring  in order  to  quickly  bring  down  the  humidity  level promoting the ripening process. During the gestation   there   are   continuous   extractions   of   air processed by odour removal biofilters which facilitate the correct and constant oxygenation during the  whole  working  cycle.  The  easy  use  of  these small  systems,  which  do  not  require  peculiar handling, turns out to be very interesting solution, both from the economic point of view and from that of disposal. In summary, it can be said that the production of compost  is  a  suitable  method  to  reduce  the amount of waste and, at the same time, it produces  a  useful  resource  for  humans  and  for  the environment.

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Technical details:

SPS – Compost C-150       

Capacity 60 Metric tonnes a year     

Dimensions:     LxBxH – 4 m x 1 m x 1.8 m

SPS – Compost C-250                         

Capacity 80 metric tonnes a year     

Dimensions: LxBxH – 5.6 m x 1 m x 1.8 m

SPS – Compost C-350                         

Capacity 130 metric tonnes a year   

Dimensions: LxBxH – 5.6 m x 1 m x 1.8 m

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