Sustainable Planet Solutions

Unmatched experience in a young and innovative company

Our expertise of solid waste management is truly unmatched!

SPS is founded to help small communities and businesses to achieve their waste diversion and recycling objectives.

We are delivering total waste recovery and recycling solutions for all types of solid waste, from Municipal Solid Waste via Leaf & Yard Waste and Food & Kitchen to biosolids and manure.

A team of highly trained proffesionals with a long term expertise with waste management in general,

and Organics Processing, Biobased Technology and Atmospheric Water Generation in particular.

Meet our board of directors

Our board of directors are a team of experts that are dedicated to solve the environmental issues for small communities and in generally puts great efforts in environmental operations that foster a sustainable future and lead to improvements in the communities where we do our business.

Klaas Hofstra

Klaas Hofstra

SPS - Managing Director


Experienced Managing Director and Technical Sales Manager with a over 20 years proven track record in the field of Waste to energy systems, Sorting systems, Sustainable Development, Energy, Process Engineering, and Consultancy in Recycling Technology

Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of  Technical Business Administration from Stenden University of Applied Science Leeuwarden.

With over 50 years of combined  experience, our project management skills are second to none.

This project management ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget, safely, and with the highest possible level of quality.